About Me

Photo Tom took of palm trees in Key West Florida
Palms along Roosevelt Blvd. in Key West Florida.

I am an experienced web developer, entrepreneur and former full-time college faculty member with a laid-back personality and sense of humor.

I have about 18 years of experience building websites, 10 years handling digital marketing campaigns and exactly 4 years teaching web development at the college level.

I have also been involved with numerous business startups since 1998 that included my own ventures.

What I Like to Do:

  • Build websites
  • Create new businesses
  • Help other entrepreneurs build their businesses
  • Learn about businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Invest in real estate and businesses
  • Plan, strategize and manage digital marketing¬† campaigns
  • Teach others about web development, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, business, fitness and health

Non-Professional Interests:

I’m into physical fitness, healthy eating, science, engineering, college football, craft beer and anything “artsy”, such as writing, vedeography and photography (I took the photo above of palm trees along North Roosevelt Blvd. in Key West, Florida just two months after hurricane Irma).

I’m originally from Coshocton, Ohio, spent about 18 years living in Columbus, Ohio and now live in sunny Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

You can find out more about me here on my Linkedin profile:

Thomas M. Broadwater – Linkedin